The primary mandate of REPRONIG is the collective management of rights in literary works, including images embedded in such works. As defined in the Copyright Act, the phrase “literary works” includes (but is not limited to) novels, stories and poetic works, scripts, choreographic works, computer programs, textbooks, encyclopaedias and law reports.

The mandates of REPRONIG include:

  • Identification of users and potential licensees
  • Negotiation and granting of licences
  • Collection and distribution of royalties
  • Monitoring and enforcement of copyright breaches
  • Collaboration with relevant institutions, agencies and right holders associations
  • International representations

In addition to the collective administration of rights, REPRONIG also offers a wide range of services for the benefit of its members. These include:

  • Training and capacity building
  • Business support
  • Promoting safe copy campaigns against excessive and illegal photocopying
  • Liaising between authors and publishers
  • Celebrating authorship
  • Assisting right holders with registration and transfer of rights
  • Maintaining a National Book List
  • Providing incentives for budding authors
  • Promoting quality academic publishing
  • Supporting E-Learning initiatives
  • Engaging in the provision of anti-piracy solutions


The beneficiaries of REPRONIG’s activities are: