Distribution of Revenue

All monies collected by REPRONIG from users of the copyright works of members belong to members and must be accounted for in accordance with the distribution rules approved by the Governing Board and subject to Regulations made by the Nigerian Copyright Commission. In executing its distribution policy, REPRONIG is guided by its core values which include transparency, accountability and prudence.

The distribution methods adopted by RROs are basically two: title specific (TS) and non-title specific (NTS). The TS method means that distribution to members is based on actual use of works (arrived at through actual report of use or statistical survey). Because of the complex and often demanding nature of the TS methods, many RROs opt for the NTS method which is easier to manage as it does not require the same level of detailed reporting from users. By and large the most important thing is to have a method that delivers the recompense in a fair, balanced and efficient manner to right holders.

The international benchmark set by IFRRO to which REPRONIG subscribes requires that distribution should be done:

  • Efficiently
  • Diligently
  • Accurately
  • Accountably
  • Expeditiously
  • Transparently
  • In accordance with the law

Like most RROs REPRONIG is subject to the supervision of the Nigerian Copyright Commission which sets the percentage that may be deducted as administrative costs. It is also permitted for a percentage of the collection to be ploughed into social or

cultural funds for the benefit of authors and even the educational sector.

Under the rules governing its operation, it is mandatory for REPRONIG to submit annual Reports including the audit of its accounts.

(See IFRRO, A Quick Guide to Distribution of Copyright Revenue in the Text and Image Based Sector)