Affiliations and Partners

REPRONIG is a member of the International Federation of Reproduction Rights Organisations (IFRRO) comprising 90 RROs from all continents. It is also an active member of the African Development Committee of that organisation. See

REPRONIG has bilateral agreements with the following RROs:

  • CADRA (Argentina)
  • Access Copyright (Canada)
  • CeMPro (Mexico); CLASS (Singapore)
  • CopyRus (Russia)
  • HKRRLS (Hong Kong)
  • Jamcopy (Jamaica)
  • Kopinor (Norway)
  • Reprobel (Belgium).

Plans are on to conclude bilateral agreements with the following RROs:

  1. CAL (Australia)
  2. CCC (USA)
  3. CFC (France)
  4. CLA (UK)
  5. LNZ (New Zealand)
  6. COSOMA (Malawi)
  7. DALRO (South Africa)
  8. IRRO (India)
  9. Kopiken (Kenya)
  10. MASA (Mauritius)
  11. Pro Litteris (Switzerland)
  12. Sticthing Reprorecht (Netherlands)
  13. URRO (Uganda)
  14. VG Musikedition and VG Wort (Germany)
  15. ZARRSO (Zambia)
  16. ZimCopy (Zimbabwe).

The following have extended institutional support to REPRONIG and to that extent are development partners:

  • World Intellectual Property Organisation (WIPO)
  • Kopinor
  • Norwegian Copyright Association (NORCODE)