Who We Are

Following a resolution passed at the Copyright Forum organized by the Nigerian Copyright Commission in November 1994, the Academic and Non-Fiction Authors Association of Nigeria (ANFAAN) was formed in 1995 and charged with the setting up of a reproduction rights organisation (RRO) in Nigeria. This initiative of the academic community led to the incorporation of the Reproduction Rights Society of Nigeria (REPRONIG) on 11 December 2000 as a collecting society to cater for the rights of authors in the literary field.

The Nigerian Copyright Commission granted REPRONIG approval to operate as an RRO in December 2001 and it commenced full operation in 2003.

The initial membership of REPRONIG was made up of the following associations representing authors and publishers in the print medium: (i) Association of Nigerian Authors (ANA); (ii) Academic and Non-Fiction Authors Association of Nigeria (ANFAAN); (iii) National Association of Translators and Interpreters (NATI); (iv) Newspapers Proprietors Association of Nigeria (NPAN); (v) Nigerian Publishers Association (NPA); (vi) Photographers Association of Nigeria (PAN); and (vii) Society of Nigerian Artists (SNA). Representatives of these associations sit on the Governing Board of REPRONIG although membership is also open to individual right owners. The Nigerian Copyright Commission is represented on the Board of REPRONIG as an observer.

REPRONIG is the sole collecting society with responsibility to negotiate on behalf of authors of texts and images in the literary field, grant licences on behalf of members to users, collect agreed royalties and distribute such royalties to members. For now, REPRONIG is concerned with reproduction rights, including secondary use of works through photocopying, scanning and electronic storage of printed materials. Such materials, which are protected under copyright, include fiction and non-fiction books, journals, periodicals, magazines, newspapers; works of visual art, photographs, computer programs, etc.

REPRONIG is affiliated to the International Federation of Reproduction Rights Organisations (IFRRO) and has bilateral and representation agreements with several RROs in other countries thereby giving it the legal basis for also representing foreign interests in Nigeria. As collective management organisations RROs act as intermediaries and facilitators between the right holders and those who are engaged in reprographic and other forms of reproduction of copyright works.


To build an efficient collective management system for the benefit of right holders in literary works.


To ensure fair recompense for right holders in literary works.


REPRONIG subscribes to the core values prescribed by IFRRO and the World Intellectual Property Organization (WIPO). Bearing in mind the overriding interest of right holders and the need to provide premium service to users, the core values of REPRONIG are encapsulated in the acronym PAGE:

  • Premium service
  • Accountability
  • Good Governance
  • Efficiency

As a member of IFRRO, REPRONIG is also governed by the following tenets which constitute the code of global best practices for RROs:

  • provide clear and easy-to-understand information about its operations
  • comply with the copyright law
  • respect the privacy of parties in dealing with confidential information
  • administer rights in the most efficient and cost effective manner
  • deal with right holders fairly and in a non-discriminatory manner
  • treat right holders equitably, impartially and with respect
  • be diligent, expeditious and transparent in the collection and distribution of royalties