Training on the Distribution of Copyright Revenues for BURIDA, OTDAV and SODAV

— veraliah Bueno (IFRRO)

In September, six representatives from BURIDA (Côte d’Ivoire), OTDAV (Tunisia) and SODAV (Senegal) were in Zurich for a training hosted by ProLitteris.

The project was jointly funded by IFRRO and the World Intellectual Property Organization, and supported by Olav Stokkmo, International Consultant. The representatives were accompanied by Pierre-Olivier Lesburguères, IFRRO’s Manager for Policy and Regional Development.

ProLitteris, the RRO of Switzerland, has developed a distribution methodology known as “objective availability” which it uses to distribute revenues collected from the secondary uses of copyright-protected works. This method takes into account the availability of works on the Swiss market and the likelihood of these works being copied to make payment allocattions to authors and publishers.

ProLitteris has always been generous in sharing information about this methodology and has welcomed RROs from all around the world for trainning and helped them draw their own distribution rules. In September, over three days, the representatives from three RROs in Africa, learned about the collective management landscape in Switzerland and delved into the technical aspects of the Swiss distribution method and the various calculations that have been developed depending on the type of work and type of use. On the last day each RRO started preparing a set of distribution rules tailored to national circumstances and using the Swiss method as a basis.

IFRRO is thankful to ProLitteris, its CEO Philip Kübler, Deputy Director Franziska Eberhard, and to the whole ProLitteris team for their welcome, dedication and availability throughout the training and beyond.


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