The 2016 edition of the International Survey on Text and Image Copyright Levies is now available — IFRRO

The 2016 (and third) edition of the ‘International Survey of Text and Image Copyright Levies’, jointly published by WIPO and IFRRO is now available.

The publication builds on and updates the first two surveys published in 2014 and 2015, and analyses the origins, scope and current use of these levies around the world, and their role in ensuring easy legal access to copyright material.

The Survey also aims at showing how and why text and image (TI) levies are different from audio and audio-visual private copying levies. As with the previous editions, it uses data from IFRRO members, collated and presented by Paul Greenwood, a consultant, with the assistance of representatives of IFRRO members and the IFRRO Secretariat.

You can download the survey here.

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