Copyright Licensing & Administration of Society of Singapore CLASS Reaches Agreement with Government


CLASS has recently reached an agreement with the Singapore Government, Ministry of Education, (MOE) to renew the copyright licence for all its secondary schools and junior colleges. The MOE has also agreed to pay licence fees based on student enrolments instead of usage under the old system calculated on the number of pages copied. The new four-year licence will be backdated to January 1, 2016, and will cover the secondary schools and junior colleges (which is equivalent to high school or A level standards) until December 2019.

“The MOE had long insisted to pay licence fees based on copying usage only. This is not only inconvenient and time consuming for the schools and junior colleges as the schools are required to maintain copying records for the whole year annually, it is also unfair to rights-holders because of under reporting since schools and junior colleges (JCs) also rely on “fair use”, which allows Government schools to copy for free up to 5 pages or 5% for works containing more than 500 pages. While the “fair use” limits are still applicable, with the fees based on student enrolments, all schools and JCs will now pay the standard rates regardless of under reporting of copied works,” said Paul Wee, CLASS CEO. The schools will now keep records for 60 days per year, and the 200 secondary schools will rotate among the four zones they are located to keep records.

Additionally, Singapore’s second biggest university, the Nanyang Technological University (NTU) and the National Institute of Education (NIE) have also agreed to renew their copyright licences with CLASS for four more years.

[Culled from IFRRO’s-singaporean-member-reaches-agreement-government-copyright-licence-renewal-%C2%A0 ]

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