REPRONIG represents the interest of right holders’ individual authors, publishers, and their respective associations. We advance their interests through negotiations with users of literary copyright works, the granting of licenses to such users, the collection of royalties due under such licenses and distribution of same to its members in a timely and transparent fashion.


REPRONIG provides for educational and secure platform for access to a huge repertoire from across the world. By taking a REPRONIG licence, educational and research institutions can avert any adverse claim from copyright owners in respect of any infringing photocopying or other dealing with copyright works that may otherwise be objectionable.


Reproduction Rights Organisations represent the creators (authors including writers, photographers and other visual creators and composers) and publishers – who own the copyright – and serve them and the community at large by: (a)Giving easy access to copyright material (b)Securing a healthy print and publishing market (c)Promoting national culture and cultural diversity.


The ultimate beneficiary of a functional copyright management system is the general public. By providing an incentive to authors and publishers the public is assured of good books. It may not be immediately obvious, but there is a correlation between the availability of good books and the development of human capital of a nation.

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We guarantee rightholders adequate recompense for the use of their works.


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